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WARNING: Soluxe may NOT be the right place for you

Soluxe is not your typical corporation. Chances are, if you have ever worked for another company, you will find Soluxe unusual to say the least. After all, Soluxe believes:

That this is your company. We have the most generous stock options plan anywhere. We want you to be an owner of the company, not an employee. And to act like an owner as well.

That you are expected to ask forgiveness, not permission. After all, if you can't make decisions on your own, what are you here for?

That companies are built around people, not the other way around. If you can run your business from Timbuktu, be our guest.

That from your first day on the job you can speak up and challenge the way we do things. We don't know everything and want to learn… from you.

That customers and our team members come first… and bureaucracy comes last.

We practice what we call the Customer Golden Rule: Do to our customers what we would have done for us. If we are good to our customers, they will be good to us.

That no matter how young you are or how new to the job, you can make more money than the President of Soluxe and he wants you to do it!

That you are entitled to know at all times how the company is doing and can talk to anybody whenever you want. This is your company, after all, so why shouldn't you be treated like a shareholder or a member of the Board?

If you like Soluxe's philosophy, then Soluxe wants you. If you are smart and want to build a business, then Soluxe wants you. If you want to change the world and provide value to homeowners and businesses, then Soluxe wants you.

We are currently hiring for the positions listed below. Even if you do not find a position suitable to you now, let us know of your interest. Maybe we can create a job around your skills and talents.

Job Title Department Location Posted

We help homeowners

 Evaluate air quality and
       energy usage

 Find the most cost-effective
       (NOT the most expensive)

 Reduce monthly utility bills

 Find qualified and insured

 See your project through to

You pay us nothing. Our contractors pay us only if you are 100% satisfied.

Meet Our Team

Jeffrey Mayer

Chief Executive Officer

Energy Experience:
Since 1985

"Every business is built on a set of shared values and beliefs that underlie its brand. Our core value is what we call the Customer Golden Rule: Do for our customers what we would expect done for us."